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Day ToursThe best day tours in Victoria

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Day Tours

Join us on our amazing Day Tours, and have the time of your life.

Imagine gliding quietly and effortlessly along as seals spy on you, an eagle soars overhead and you feel the joys of paddling in the best place on the planet.

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A day kayaking tour is the best way to possibly see Victoria

Not only are these kayak tours convenient enough to fit into your busy schedule, but they’re an opportunity for you get away and experience the beautiful waters in and around Victoria giving you a great introduction to the lifelong sport of kayaking.

Our easy walking/hiking tour out to Discovery Island is for anyone who wishes to see the wonders of our beautiful coast and islands from our Discovery Shuttle Craft where you will see a side of Victoria most people only imagine.   The hike is a very easy walk out to Seabird Point where you will look out to a stunning view of the edge of Canada.

We run tours in several different locations in Victoria and even have a tour for those that just want to take a stress-free walk in the forest and relax.


Oak Bay kayak tours are a pure nature experience


•Victoria Harbour Kayak Tour - a 3 hour tour of Victoria’s historic and scenic harbour

•​Victoria Harbour Sunset Tour - a 2.5 hour tour of Victoria’s beautiful harbour at sunset

Discovery & Chatham Islands

​(10 min drive to Oak Bay and then 10 min aboard our Discovery Shuttle mothership)

•Discovery Island Kayaking and Hiking Tour – a 6.5 hour tour of the beautiful Discovery Island just off the shores of Oak Bay via our Discovery Shuttle. This option includes both kayaking and hiking.

•Discovery Island Nature Hike Tour - a 3.5 hour walking tour of the scenic Discovery Island with abundant nature viewing both onshore and along the way from our Discovery Shuttle.

Oak Bay Evening Shoreline Kayak Tour​

•​ a 2.5 hour tour leaving from Oak Bay Beach Hotel and setting out on an evening exploration of the coastline of Oak Bay.

Discover Shuttle returning to Oak Bay

Discover Shuttle returning to Oak Bay